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Video: Driving to the Iowa 80 Truck Stop


The Official Logo for CDL LifeSometimes the road through Iowa can be a bit boring, so we thought we would pass the time by mounting our trusty GoPro digital camera to the dash of the truck and do a time lapse sequence. And if it’s not obvious yet, Kim is an absolute leadfoot.

We were headed to Walcott, Iowa on July 11th for the big truck driver jamboree at the “World’s Busiest Truck Stop – the Iowa 80.” How busy is it? We put up an infographic a few months ago that took a closer look. Wow.

So, if any truck drivers out there are interested in meeting the girls from CDL Life, come visit our booth under the big tent. We’ll be in booth #29. We’re playing the big plinko board with prizes like shirts, tote bags and we’re even raffling off a new laptop computer.

So, without further ado, the time lapse video of our trip from Kansas City, KS to Walcott, and the Iowa 80 Truck Stop.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/W2128c5XZ2Y” playlist=”CDL Life Time Lapse Video” title=”CDL%20Life%20Goes%20to%20Iowa%2080%20Truck%20Stop” width=”460″]


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