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VIDEO: Drunk Driver Jumps Toll Booth


We all hate to pay tolls. A Texas driver takes a unique attempt at getting around the toll.

Watch as 22-year-old Yasmine Villasana fails to brake at a tollbooth gate at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and ends up getting some serious airtime.

Villasana told authorities someone rear-ended her car, causing her to rocket over the booth, but it is clear from the video footage she was not rear-ended.

After her car flew over the booth it came to a stop and caught on fire.

“Ms. Villasana kept trying to get back into her vehicle while it was on fire,” DFW Airport Police officer David Hergenrader noted in his report. She said she wasn’t injured and didn’t need EMS. Villasana insisted she had not been drinking that morning — only “one cranberry and vodka last night,” Hergenrader recorded in his report. He gave her a field sobriety test

Can you hear the Dukes of Hazard theme song in your head?

Thank goodness no one was injured.

Jody Kincaid


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