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Video: Firearm Test – Desert Tactical HTI Sniper Rifle


FPS Russia Firearm Videos
Dmitri Potapoff always reaches for excellence.

Try as we might, we just can’t resist putting up another video of our favorite firearms tester/cameraman injurer/videogamer/fake Russian, Dmitri Potapoff. Dmitri somehow has access to some of the most powerful weapons available, whether modern or classic, shoulder-mounted or mobile. The last time we visited Dmitri, he demonstrated a Saiga 12 gauge automatic shotgun with an explosive round, which he fired at an old refrigerator. The damage was epic, but it also sent one of his crew members to the hospital. Such is the life of an amateur gun enthusiast…

In this episode, Dmitri gives us several demonstrations of the power and accuracy of a .50 caliber HTI sniper rifle, with regular, armor-piercing and (of course) exploding rounds of ammo. Excuse us, we should say TWO .50 caliber HTI sniper rifles. We couldn’t resist that kind of showmanship, would you?

In this episode of FPS Russia, Dmitri manages to avoid injuring crew mates with debris, but still is able to take out targets at around 500 meters. He also gives us a close up of the penetration power of the HTI using armor piercing rounds that not only goes through plate armor, but travels another 6 inches through hardened concrete behind it. Video Demonstrations for Guns

He uses the HTI’s bullpup design, which makes it the most compact and portable Hard Target Interdiction rifle in the world. The manufacturer claims that it’s 10.5 pounds lighter and 11.5 inches shorter than the US M107A3 .50 BMG rifle currently in use. The HTI sniper rifle is a convertible multi-caliber extreme range Hard Target Interdiction weapon. Caliber options include .50 BMG, .416 Barret, .408 CheyTac, and .375 CheyTac. All chamberings are capable of 2000+ yard engagements.


More information about the HTI Sniper Rifle at Desert Tactical Arms.

Well, enough chatter. Let’s see some carnage. Hit it, Dmitri!

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/rC9LFLpHmeE” playlist=”FPS Russia Sniper Rifle” title=”Trucker%20Entertainment%20Firearms%20Demonstrations” width=”460″]


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