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Garbage Truck Driver Saves Infant In Runaway Stroller


Video: Garbage Truck Driver Saves Baby In Runaway StrollerSeattle garbage truck driver Jeff Blackburn was working his route when he noticed a runaway stroller heading for an intersection.

The baby’s mom had been on a jog when she lost her grip on the stroller.

Blackburn blared his horn and sped up to catch up to the stroller.

Luckily when I was honking the horn a Fedex truck was going through the intersection and stopped because he heard the horn honking, Blackburn told ABC News.

Knowing he had to act fast, Blackburn stopped his rig in the middle of the road to block traffic and jumped out.  He ran over to the baby carriage and stopped it.

When he reached the stroller, Blackburn says the uninjured 9-month-old baby boy was all smiles.

Seconds later, the terrified mother reached the stroller and walked away.

Many are calling Blackburn a hero, but he insists he was, “just in the right place at the right time.”

Watch the incident unfold.


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