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Video: Grandmother Goes Skydiving for Her 80th Birthday


Inspirational Stories for Truck Drivers
Nancy Long is content to do things her own way.

Some people just hate having to sit home and enjoy their retirement quietly. Nancy Long is just that kind of woman. She had a special event to celebrate her 80th birthday, but it wasn’t your normal cake, punch, presents and kisses from grandkids type event. It was a bit more extreme than that.

Long, who actually turns 80 in a couple of weeks, said she doesn’t feel a day over 40 and she has the lifestyle to prove it. She dances with the Senior Follies on cruise ships and went parasailing at 74.

She said she won’t let old age hold her back. She said the key to her good health and longevity is staying busy, thinking positive and doing as much as she can for others. The Super OctoMomma puts her money where her mouth is every day. She also decided to head back to school at age 64 to earn a degree in Counseling.

“I’m a licensed Christian counselor. I’m an ordained minister and I just recently got my chaplaincy certification. So there’s always something. Something to do. There’s a new horizon always,” said Long.

Nancy said the big jump was a thrill, but she won’t be doing it again anytime soon. She said the one thing she does not ever see herself doing is bungee jumping.

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