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VIDEO: Guy On A Buffalo


Guy and a BuffaloNew YouTube sensation Guy On a Buffalo has been making people laugh for a few weeks now. A guy sings a narrative ballad over footage of an old movie called “Buffalo Rider.” The hero, Buffalo Jones, performs all sorts of manly and heroic acts, like crossing rivers (on his buffalo), rescuing babies (off his buffalo) and fighting wild beasts and foraging and, well…you get the idea.

Just to keep all you truckers caught up, we thought we would introduce you to one of the Guy On a Buffalo clips, but also provide you with the full length movie of “Buffalo Rider” for your weeknight entertainment. Fun for the whole family. However, we have to say, the part of “Buffalo” from the movie credits is actually played by “Bison.” We hope this doesn’t ruin the story for you. Enjoy, truckers!

Full Movie

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