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Video: Incredible Hot Wheels Corkscrew Jump


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Brent Fletcher, corkscrew jump record holder, minutes before his attempt.

The corkscrew jump isn’t a stunt that’s used so much in films these days. It had its debut in the 007 film “The Man With the Golden Gun” starring Roger Moore. That stunt, which was considered one of the most complex on film at the time, was a corkscrew jump over a riverbed, a distance of around 77 feet. Since it was the first, it was the record holder for many years…until now.

Last week, Team Green, the Hot Wheels tech crew and stunt driver Brent Fletcher decided it was time to put the old record to rest, possibly for good. They designed the ramp and mechanics to obliterate the old record distance and make Fletcher’s sand rail buggy fly 92 feet. At that distance, a lot can go wrong, and as you’ll see, they nearly annihilated the buggy on touch down. That is some serious suspension strain, even for those trucks!

Fletcher had to hit the ramp at exactly 54 mph for the trick to work. Calculations said he had to rotate 230 degrees per second to land wheels down and, thankfully, it went off without a hitch.

If you can’t get the video to play in the window, just visit the original YouTube page here.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/s48hfG0bi_I” playlist=”Hot Wheels Stunts Corkscrew” title=”Truck%20Driver%20Stunt%20Videos” width=”450″ height=”320″]


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