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Video: Is This Guy The Worst Or Most Honest Neighbor In America?


Is This Guy The Worst Or Most Honest Neighbor In America?A fed-up realtor takes her case to the media after trying to sell house many people don’t want to move into because of the neighbor.

The neighbor has proudly displayed a sign letting all prospective buyers what they can expect out of him as a neighbor.  The sign reads:



  • 3 Rottweilers
  • Loud Parties
  • Loud Music
  • Loud Cars
  • Anti-Horses
  • Fireworks

The realtor says she’s shown the house multiple times and no one wants to buy it because of the neighbor, but the neighbor disagrees.  He says he just wants his prospective neighbors to know what they’re getting themselves into and that there are people like him, who like the things he likes, who would be interested in buying the house.  He says the right people just need to come along.

Drivers, what do you think?  Is this guy the worst or most honest neighbor in America?

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/uMbAOmRe5q0″ width=”450″]


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