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Video: Elderly Jewelry Store Owner Chases Robbers Away With Gun


Elderly Jewelry Store Owner Chases Robbers Away With Gun A sixty-five-year-old jewelry store owner in Garden Grove, California chases five robbers out of her store with a gun.

Apparently, this group of five thugs thought that guns and the size of their group would make this jewelry store an easy pick.  They thought wrong, when the 65-year-old jewelry store owner saw what was happening on a monitor at the front of her store, she grabbed her gun and went after the thugs.

She opened fire on the robbers.  One of the robbers fired off a round that hit the ceiling, as the group were scrambling for the door.

On the video, you see the robbers struggling with the door, frantically trying to get out of the store.  Finally, the dummies figure out how to get the door open and the robbers all but fall out of the store.

Police caught up with the group of robbers a short time later.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/AK4h_7YZHWE” width=”450″]


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