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Video: Man Captures Wrong-Way Driver Crash in Mississippi


Man Captures Wrong-Way Driver Crash in Mississippi Alan Fanning and his family were driving home from the beach along divided Highway 49 in Collins, Mississippi, when they noticed a diver in front of them weaving in and out of the lanes. Fanning says he pulled-up alongside the car and noticed the man looked like he was falling asleep at the wheel.

Fanning told CNN, “I was blowing the horn and trying to get the man to wake up. His head was just dropped, like he was unconscious.”

At an intersection, the driver crossed over into the oncoming lanes.  That’s when Fanning started recording, while driving, and his wife used her cell phone to call police.

You can hear Fanning’s wife tell police, “He’s going every bit of 70.”

In the video, you hear Fanning tell his children to close their eyes. He knew the inevitable would happen and he didn’t want his children to witness a horrifying crash.

The inevitable did happen. The wrong-way driver hit a Ford Expedition head-on.

Fanning and his wife pulled over and jumped out of their car and ran over to help the crash victims.  The driver and passenger of the Ford were uninjured.  The wrong-way driver suffered minor injuries.

Fanning posted the video on YouTube and has received both praise and condemnation: praise for stopping to help and condemnation for driving while recording on his cell phone.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/lPPuRx6CWVs” width=”450″]


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