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VIDEO: Motorcyclist Catches Frisbee Off Of Bridge


What the what?!? This probably took about a zillion tries to perfect, but a motorcycle rider with a passenger were able to drive across a bridge and snag a small plastic disc thrown by a friend from an adjacent bridge.

From the video, it looks like it was thrown more than 200 yards across a river, past a flock of birds and only took one small adjustment by the motorcycle rider for the passenger to grab it in mid-air.

We’re pretty sure it’s not a fake, but we’re not sure how many tries it took to succeed. We’re just glad the amateur cycle stunt riders weren’t injured by a truck or car coming the opposite way.

So while this is entertaining to watch, it’s really dumb in real life.

We hope all of our truck driver readers are able to stay safe out there on the roads this week!

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