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Video: NYC Bike Messengers are Out of Their Minds


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“Step aside! Douchebag coming through!”

Goods get shipped here from overseas on large tankers and planes. Then the goods are loaded onto either rail cars or trucks. After that they’re either put on small delivery trucks for businesses like FedEx or UPS, or if a package is traveling through a really dense urban core, delivery goes really small. As small as a single person on a single gear bike.

The last leg of package delivery is sometimes a bike messenger who faces constant danger, harsh conditions and low pay for their job. Sound familiar, truck drivers?

Even though it’s common knowledge that biking is an extremely healthy activity, it can also be extremely hazardous to inexperienced riders on busy streets. Each year, thousands of urban bicycle messengers are killed or injured on the job for what averages out to around $3.25 per package. It happens because most city centers don’t actually have bicycle lanes, which force the messengers into precarious traffic lanes full of distracted drivers, inattentive pedestrians and all sorts of pitfalls and potholes.

So a video like this puzzles us. WHY would bike messengers who face danger on the job everyday just go ahead and attempt to create pure chaos just for the hell of it?

What you’re seeing in this video is highly illegal behavior. Cyclists are supposed to adhere to all rules of the road. It’s clear after about, oh, 20 seconds that adhering to rules won’t be happening, much to the shock and anger of many motorists, pedestrians and cops.

So – as the saying goes, “Do Not Try At Home.” Don’t be a jerk.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/au0Zjn3eB9k?t=53s” playlist=”Bike Messenger POV Video” title=”Truck%20Driver%20Entertainment%20Video%20POV” width=”450″ height=”320″]


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