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VIDEO: Rock Chart Toppers | Red Fang “Wires”


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Red Fang is a fairly new heavy rock band out of Portland, Oregon who have made some big waves in a quick way since 2009. Only a single EP and a full length album in the catalog and they’re already busy touring the world with some of the leaders of the rock and metal arenas.

What sets Red Fang apart from the pack? They can string together heavy guitar riffs with progressive arrangements, yet they can keep people smiling with their sense of humor.  We figure, “Why act so serious when you know you’re ugly?” Their particular mix of metal, punk and thrash earn them comparisons to Black Sabbath, Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age and The Stooges. Unlike some of the comparative acts, they’re loud with a smile.

The video we have today is a perfect example of why they continue to expand their fan base. The music is heavy, the humor is light and the concept is simple: Cause as much carnage as you can on a budget of $6000. Once they weld a protective shield of steel to the front of their station wagon, things get interesting. What sort of consumer items do they run the car through? Press play.



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