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VIDEO: Semi Truck Towing Disaster In Norway


Close call for one driver, and a loooooong fall resulting in broken bones for another. But trust us when we say, this could have been much worse!

A tow truck driver attempted to assist a trucker who had broken down on a snowy pass in Norway. A bored motorist who was stuck behind the slow-moving tow decided to film it to pass the time. What he captured next stunned viewers all over the world. Both vehicles slid off the side of a cliff. Amazingly, everyone survived.

The tow truck driver leapt out to safety before the fall while the other driver was stuck inside his truck. The driver trapped in the falling truck only broke a few bones and is in stable condition in the hospital. The truck tumbled nearly 200 feet.

Despite being a crazy video released on April 1st, this accident is real, and you can see photos of the wreckage at this Norwegian news site.

For now, have a look at the short version of this near-tragedy and amazing escape by the tow driver!



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