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VIDEO: Super Semi Truck Stunt Driving


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This video is a practice run by an unnamed stunt truck driver who executes some pretty precise moves.

He puts a semi truck and a full length cargo trailer through some slaloms then caps the entire sequence off with a precision power slide.

We don’t know who the camera man is either, but the boy’s got some cojones the size of clams to sit and film from where he’s at. The practice stunt driving is preparation for an action sequence in the movie “Paycheck.”

The movie came out in 2003 and starred Ben Affleck, Uma Thurman and Aaron Eckhart. Aaron’s connection to stunt truck driving is interesting, since we featured a sequence of other stunt truck driving a couple of weeks ago for his starring role in “The Dark Knight.” In that sequence, Aaron plays Gotham’s District Attorney Harvey Dent who is being transported through city streets in an armored car to tempt The Joker to come out of hiding and try to kidnap him.

The Joker takes the bait, and using a custom Peterbilt tractor, nearly snags Dent while causing massive chaos. So have a look at this stunt truck driving maneuver and, like they say, DON’T try this at home!



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