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Video: The Worst Scary Movie Monsters Ever


Horror Movie Madness for Truck DriversIt’s tough making movies. We get it. Lots of people, lots of ideas, lots of money at stake, lots of casting on the couch, sure. Things happen you didn’t plan on from concept to red carpet.


We’re not quite sure how things could go so badly as this. This is a video that details 10 of the worst monster concepts ever to make it to film. Some look like a grade school art project, others look like suffocating men in sleeping bags. Yet somehow, someone convinced a few people with a lot of money that “The kids will love it. Seriously.”

We tried to find all of these in their film form at Amazon, just on the off chance that you might want to rent or buy the DVDs for your fine home collection.

10. The Watermelon Monster

9. The Melting Skeleton from Return of the Living Dead

8. The Gingerdead Man

7. Harry, from Abominable

6. Fish Face, from Brides of Blood

5. Octaman

4. That Frowny Face Thing in From Hell It Came

3. The Hose-y Gumball Machine Man in Sting of Death

2. The giant Ostrich with Downs Syndrome in The Giant Claw

Amazing #1 all-time worst horror movie monster goes to –

The Creature From the Haunted Sea!

Have a look at the video totals from our friends at Daily Milk.





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