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Video: Woman Helps Bear Cubs Escape A Dumpster


Woman Helps Bear Cubs Escape A Dumpster This video is too cute not to share.  A black bear and her three cubs were enjoying a meal out of a dumpster.  Once they were finished, the mama bear was able to get out of the dumpster but her babies couldn’t climb out of the dumpster.

“They know how to open the latch to the dumpster,” Shirley Schenk, who helped rescue the bears, told ABC News. “This mother is notorious in the neighborhood.”

Schenk and her husband heard the babies crying throughout the night.  As soon as daylight struck, Schnek and her husband set out to free the cubs.

They put a ladder in the back of their truck and backed up to the dumpster.  Standing in the bed of the truck, Schnek put the ladder in the dumpster and then her husband drove away.

This is the video of the bear cubs finding their escape.


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