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Most Epic Paintball Ever
Is that a paraglider?!? Yes. Yes it is.

Paintball is a great way for people to blow off some steam during off hours and put the sting to their loudmouth friends. It’s a good time out in the woods (mostly), no one uses their cell phones and everyone gets some exercise (and most likely bruises). But these guys…man. They are SERIOUS.

This looked like it took a lot of planning (and quite a bit of safety training too). One wrong step and anyone could land in the hospital!

They definitely had help from sponsors (that kind of gear is way more fun to abuse and break, right?) like the crazy kooks from Nitro Circus, Spyder paintball guns, Nelson paintballs, Parajet and a few other cool peeps.

This is another episode in the GoPro HD Video Camera series on YouTube that we can’t get enough of. The videos are always clear, and the fisheye angle lens always makes things look more epic…even getting shot in the berries with a paintball.

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Enjoy, truck drivers!

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