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VIDEO: Volvo VN 780 – A Closer Look


Volvo is a car and truck company that stake their reputation on engineering safe and stable vehicles in any condition. The new heavy duty semi tractor model 780 is no different. And yet – it is. It’s extremely advanced for a Class 8 truck, and has some new technology incorporated into it that outfoxes even some high dollar sports coupes. Where do we start, as we inspect this big rig? Why, the engine, of course.

Volvo VN 780 Engine

Three power ratings are available in the range from 500 to 550 hp. The engine delivers impressive power in any situation with up to 1,850 lbs.ft. of torque for excellent drivability. The variable geometry turbo also makes the engine very responsive while maximizing fuel economy.

At 1500 rpm the standard I-VEB puts out an impressive 420 braking hp and a whopping 600 hp at 2200 rpm, an improvement by more than 20% over its predecessor. The I-VEB is controlled by a new brake stalk switch, allowing three engine-brake increments.

Volvo VN 780 Control Module

Volvo’s large, centrally positioned driver information display is easy to read and supports the Volvo Link interface. Convenient control stalks let the driver operate critical functions without reaching away from the steering wheel. Display controls are incorporated into the steering wheel stalk for the driver’s convenience. Controls for electric mirror adjustment, power windows and power door locks are located within easy reach on top of the door panel.


Volvo VN 780 Safety Features

The advanced safety technology of VEST: VOLVO ENHANCED STABILITY TECHNOLOGY is now standard on all VN models.

VEST with ABS traction control makes emergency braking more efficient. It dramatically reduces the likelihood of a rollover, jackknife or loss of control incident on both wet and dry roads.

VEST sensors quickly and accurately detect a dangerous driving situation and respond by automatically reducing the engine torque and activating the necessary brakes.

Volvo also constructs all their cabs and sleepers with High Strength Steel (HSS). This means Volvo cabs have the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the industry.

Here’s a home made trucker video that let’s you get a closer look inside the Volvo VNL64 780.

J Canell


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