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What Every Trucker Needs To Know About Hurricanes


[note color=”#FFF82A”]More than half of all hurricane deaths in the last 30 years resulted from inland flooding, reports the National Hurricane Center. Of those deaths, one in four people drowned in a vehicle.[/note]

How Deadly is a Full-Scale Hurricane?

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Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale (SSHS) does just what is sounds like: it classifies the severity of a hurricane by the intensity of its winds. The chart below details the five classifications of hurricanes and two additional classifications of tropical storms.

This scale gives researches and weather predictors a fairly

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale


Wind Speeds

Five≥70 m/s, ≥137 kts≥157 mph, ≥252 km/h
Four58-70 m/s, 113–136 kts,130–156 mph, 209–251 km/h
Three50-58 m/s, 96–112 kts
111–129 mph, 178–208 km/h
Two43-49 m/s, 83–95 kts
96–110 mph, 154–177 km/h
One33-42 m/s, 64–82 kts
74–95 mph, 119–153 km/h

Additional Classifications

Tropical Storm18-32 m/s, 35–63 kts
39–73 mph, 63–118 km/h
Tropical Depression<17 m/s, <34 kts,
<38 mph, <62 km/h


How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Many carriers are trying to get loads delivered by getting drivers in and out of the hurricane areas as quickly as possible before the chaos ensues. This is especially risky with maintenance considerations, break downs and hours of service.

You could be staying in your car or truck for a day or more. Make sure you’ve got enough food, water, blankets, flashlights and batteries to weather the storm.

Avoid Standing Water

Never Drive Near A Downed Electrical Line


Drive Safely


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