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What Is The St. Christopher Fund And How Does It Help Drivers?


St. Christopher Fund Have you ever put off going to the doctor or having surgery because you cannot afford to take the time off of work?  Do you have a hard time paying for your prescriptions?  Has an injury or illness put you and your family in a financial bind?  No, this isn’t an ad for an ambulance-chasing attorney, these are the situations the St. Christopher Trucker’s Development and Relief Fund (SCF) can help with.

The SCF is a 501(c)3 non-profit, driver charity that helps drivers whose medical issues have led to financial difficulties.  Since 2007, the SCF has helped more than 555 drivers with their financial and medical needs.

The SCF was started by Dave Nemo of the Dave Nemo Show on XM radio and Dr. John McElligott in 2007, after witnessing and hearing countless stories of medical and financial hardships faced by drivers.

“Studies have shown that more than 70% of the 3.2 million professional drivers in the U.S. have one or more serious health problems such as obesity, diabetes, sleep disorders and cardiovascular disease. Truck drivers also lack the same access to health that most Americans enjoy.

“Access is limited because drivers work irregular hours, spend long-durations away from home, and are unable to navigate side streets and parking lots in their trucks to get to a clinic, pharmacy or hospital. Compounding the problem is the fact that more than one-third of truck drivers do not have health insurance,” the site states.

Because of the obstacles many drivers face, they are often unable to receive the necessary preventative care.  Therefore, helping minor health issues turn into dangerous health conditions.

The mission of the St. Christopher Fund is to help drivers and their families who have financial needs as a result of medical problems.  The SCF can help drivers with:

  • Direct payments for medical services
  • Prescription drug assistance
  • Assistance with expenses during recovery from an illness or injury
  • Help negotiate medical bills
Stories of those who have benefited from the SCF:
“The St. Christopher Fund came to my aid when emergency hospital bills mounted beyond my ability to pay. Having been caught between insurance coverages while transitioning from one employer to another (the first coverage expired and the second “waiting period” was not yet complete), a trip to the ER with an overnight stay in the hospital turned into a payment nightmare. I was kept informed at each step in the evaluation of my particular situation and much to my relief I was granted assistance from the fund. Thank you, St. Christopher Fund, from one unaccustomed to turning to others for financial aid. Sincerely, A grateful recipient of the Fund’s generosity.”
“Thank you for my scooter purchase, if you could only visualize the mobility this scooter will allow me, I wish a stronger word was available in order to express my deepest gratitude, but THANK YOU is all I have now, just know that your kind actions are very deeply appreciated by me and my family.”
“Thank you St. Christopher Fund. You helped a very dear friend of mine who was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. Your assistance helped her so much. She is now going through radiation therapy and hasn’t been back to work. But with people like you around, it sure makes a horrible time in a person’s life a lot easier to deal with. God bless you, Dave, Dr. John and everyone else who has made this fund possible.”
If you need help with your finances due to a medical issue, or if you would like to make a donation to this worthy cause, follow this link to the St. Christopher Fund site.





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