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What It Means To Be A Truck Driver



What Does it Mean to be a Truck Driver?

Last week, we asked readers what it means to be a trucker.  Their answers inspired and awed us. What does it mean to be a trucker?  We’ll leave it to the professionals, because we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Here’s a look at some of their responses, in their own words…

Real Responses

You follow your dream.


A professional!

Eastbound and Down, loaded up and truck”n. We gonna do what they say can’t be done (within the rules..)

Being a trucker was my dream. My dad used to drive until he hurt his back in ’99 and, when I was a kid, he would take me with him on the road and sit me in his lap and let me drive.

Commitment, integrity, strength, sacrifice, love of ones career.

Dedication and determination. A man or woman set aside from all others, to complete a task that takes pride and patience. A born with skill… with that we are professionals.

It’s a privilege. A lifestyle you have to love and respect.

To me, it means being alive!  When I am in my office ( the cab), that’s where and when I feel most alive!

To stay with in the rules a watch out for others who do not know how to stay in their lane.

FREEDOM on the HIGHWAY, with some dirt and gravel roads too. It’s a Peace of Mind.

Pride, independence, being a modern day concrete cowboy, and knowing your job is important whether you receive any credit or not.10/4.

It means other folks have to work for a paycheck that I get every week, for doing something I have loved since I was a very young boy. I Play With Trucks!

Trucking ‘s not for everyone, but then neither is being a doctor or lawyer.  They’re Jobs that have to be done to make America run…I Love Trucking.

It means that there is 36 inches between your bed and your job. It also means that your morning commute takes about 4 seconds.

It’s something a person loves to do and runs through the blood.

Nothing like the open road, the smell of diesel and freedom. Pride in your ride.  Trucking is the most important job in America, cause without it, no one would have anything.

Trucking has always been part of my life. I grew up on a beef cow and apple farm in NS, Canada. My dad drove a truck when I was growing up and I was always helping out shunting around the yard and so on. I love to drive and do new things. I run the hwy coast to coast hauling reefer, then went into dispatch for 6 years. Then back out on the long haul for 3 years. Now I’m hauling a 4 axle tank hauling gas. I have 2 girls and they both are proud that their Dad is a trucker.

It means getting people’s stuff from here to there safely and professionally.

It’s a three-year-old little boy waiting at the door for daddy to get home from a trip. That’s what makes it worth it to me.

It means you get an office with a view, you get paid to travel , you have no supervisor looking over your shoulder , and you make a very good living.

It means taking on a greater level of responsibility. We share the highway with individuals who just don’t understand the situation we are in.

To be a truck driver is to be an unsung hero. A lot of people don’t understand the struggles we go through to move the goods necessary to maintain our civilized lives.


It means being employed in the most dangerous workplace in America.

It means being dedicated to your country…without trucks, America stops. It means hard work, determination, and for those like me, a passion that lives deep in your veins with a sense of pride and dignity, responsibility and safety.

It means doing what I love to do. Meeting new people seeing a different place everyday.

It means a strong man/woman with a heart for the job.

Get er done!

Surviving and thriving in an environment that most people couldn’t withstand. Being a driver takes a lot of heart, grit and determination. I love my job!


Dedication, when you’re done with one load, be ready for then next.

It means “if you bought it a truck brought it,” and those who drive these trucks must be respected and thanked every day.

To be a trucker means I am doing my part for our great country and people.

To get it done no matter what rain, snow, whatever is in front of you, this is a lifestyle not a job we do what we do because it feeds our needs. It’s in our blood.

It means to get paid well for something I love to do! What more can u ask for? I’m still in awe sometimes when I  think, wow i drive this big rig, unbelievable.

Vacation. Vacation. Vacation.

Opening my eyes before the regular 8 to 5 people.  Knowing I have a huge responsibility to not only protect myself and my truck,  but to make all my deliveries safely and keep all those drivers around me who have no clue safe too. We must have heavy shoulders.

Well said, drivers.


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