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Why Truck Driver’s Wives Are Awesome


It’s often said that behind every great man is a great woman.  This couldn’t be more true for truck driver’s wives.  As the child of a truck driver, I know this first hand.  I know my dad didn’t want to always be away, but it was part of the job. So my mom had to cary the heavy load at home.


While my dad was away for long stretches of time, my mom was a one woman army.  It was often a thankless job, but she did it with grace and love, as driver’s wives do.  We thought we should pay to homage to all that truckers’ wives do.





Trucker’s wives:

*Do all the household chores

*Cook all the meals

*Shuttle around the kids

*Do all the laundry

*Kiss all the boo boos

*Stay up all nigh with sick kids

*Take the kids to practices and games

*Coordinate play dates and parties

*Help with homework

*Buy all the groceries, clothes and household goods

*Dry many, many tears

*Take kids to the doctor, dentist or hospital

*Help with logs

*Take the car in for maintainence

*Act as handymen

*Mow the lawn

*Raise the kids


*go to parent-teacher conferences by themselves

*pay the bills

*act as personal assistants

*shuttle their husband back and forth to the truck

*Spend many sleepless nights worrying about their husbands

*Support their husbands

And so much more…

Trucker’s wives are strong, independent women.  They keep things rolling at home, so their husbands can keep rolling along the highway.

Do you have a wife at home you could’t live without?  What makes her special?  Share your story with us at [email protected].


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