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Winter Gear Recommendations From Truck Drivers


We recently asked truck drivers what winter truck accessories no driver should be without.  Here’s what they told us:

Many of you told us that a shovel is a winter must have.  

Automatic tire chains:

Automatic tire chains






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Hammer for frozen brakes:

Jumping Cables,bag of salt and door lock de-icer.

Carry a box of disposable diapers because they make great insulators for fuel filters, and a steel shovel.

Long-handle ice scraper and warm gloves:

Warm sleeping bag:


Plenty of washer fluid with de-icer mixed into it.

Fuel additive, standard tools ( hammer, wrenches, ect.) benzo torch, air line anti freeze, extra fuel filter(s) just in case.

Heated windshield wipers, diesel 911, kitty litter, shovel, yaktrax for boots and several pairs of gloves.

A ski mask, pair of hunting gloves ,a heavy winter jacket and a gallon of water and plenty of food.

Coveralls, long underwear and ski socks 




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