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Winter Truck Driving Supplies


Fortunately for most of the continental United States, it’s been a fairly mild winter as far as crazy blizzards and high winds. But it’s January, so truck drivers aren’t out of the thick of it yet. We have some suggestions for hazardous weather accessories for truckers.

So think it over truckers – what are you missing? Can we help with anything?

Stay safe out there truckers!

CDLLife recommends these winter driving accessories for truck drivers:

Winter Weather Accessories for the Road – Get that snow and ice off of your semi truck rig with the right stuff.

Snow chains for Class 8 semi tractor trailers. Don’t think for a second that these are optional when hazardous winter weather is looming. We can help you find the right size and fit for your truck wheels.

Heavy duty winter weather wear – If you ever have mechanical or technical problems on the road, you don’t want to be caught in some cheap cotton gloves to take care of blown tires, frozen air lines or anything else that keeps your semi tractor stuck on the side of the road. Get some heavy duty winter wear to solve problems.

Robust kneeling pads for changing tires, filling fluids, and checking semi truck equipment. If you skimp on quality now, your body may hate you later. We can link you to plenty of heavy duty kneeling pads that protect your legs in some of the worst conditions. Find out more.

Heavy duty winter boots – The best brands protect your feet while outside in hazardous weather, but stay comfortable on your feet while you drive your semi truck. The most versatile models are comfortable within the cab in the warmth and outside the cab during some difficult maintenance procedures. What’s your brand?

Reliable Flashlights for Truckers – Don’t trust your roadside maintenance to just any flashlight. You need something that works all the time in any condition. Find out what brand ranks the best and why. Get a high quality flashlight for roadside maintenance now.

Heavy Duty Bungee Cords for Winter Weather – Don’t trust your cargo to just any bungee cord. The higher quality bungee cords will endure winter weather for months, maybe even years. For bungee cords, quality construction builds trust for when it’s most needed. Find better quality bungee cords through this search.

Good luck on the winter roads, truckers!


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