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10 Tips to Keeping Yourself Healthy


6. Don’t Treat WebMd Like An Actual Doctor

We’re all guilty of self-diagnosing with the help of the internet. Don’t get us wrong, it’s an excellent resource – but it’s not a substitute for a doctor, so don’t treat it like one. Seek medical help if you feel you might need it.

7. Eat Your Fruits And Vegetables

You know you aren’t eating enough of them. We’re supposed to have 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every single day. Stock up on produce, pack it, and snack on it throughout the day. It tastes great, it’s refreshing, and it’s great for you!

8. Read Nutrition Labels

Nutrition labels are there to inform you, so let them! It’s important to know how many calories, how much sugar, fat, fiber, and sodium you’re consuming. A simple look towards the back of the box or bottle is a great way to develop healthy eating skills. – The ingredients list and portion size on the Nutrition Facts label can also be very telling.

9. Don’t Skip Checkups

Don’t skip checkups, medical, dental, or otherwise. Preventative care can often be the most important kind of care to seek. Early screening tests, noticing symptoms of serious illness, monitoring weight, and keeping track of your oral health are vitally important to staying happy and healthy longterm. Find out how Gum Disease Effects Overall Health.

10. Have Knowledge of Your Health Records

It’s very important to have a strong knowledge of your health records and family medical history. These pieces of knowledge are immensely helpful to doctors when diagnosing illness, screening for problems, and understanding symptoms. The most important pieces of medical information to keep track of are vaccination records, screening tests (results as well as dates), and surgical procedure history/information.


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