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11 Surprising Uses Of Honey


shutterstock_61130758Honey is one of the sweetest foods found in nature – and it’s also great for your health! Honey is a carbohydrate compound which not only energizes the body, but effectively works as a natural germicide!

Sugar Replacement | Due to the fact that honey is a pre-digested sugar, it can be used as a healthy replacement – especially for those dealing with cardiovascular related illness.

Energy & Endurance | Honey – known as a natural energy booster due to the carbohydrates that it contains instantly begins working to power up the body. It increases endurance, and decreases fatigue in muscles. Honey also naturally contains fructose and glucose which helps to sustain energy as well!

Rejuvenation | Our immune system has much to gain when it comes to the regular consumption of honey. The antioxidant and antibacterial properties of honey give our digestion a boost, and also helps to cleanse the body!

Moisturize Dry Skin | Apply to chapped lips or dry skin to moisturize it.

Clear Up Acne |  According to Permaculture News, the antibacterial qualities of honey are quite effective at fighting acne too. Simply dab honey on a blemish for 30 minutes each day to clear up the infection.

Heal Burns | Honey can actually work as a wound sealant, and can trick the body into thinking that wounds are covered with healthy skin, which reduces pain in the area. This gives the body a chance to heal the wound from the inside out for a change. This can prevent infection! Simply cover a burn with honey and loosely cover it with gauze, changing multiple times each day.

Cure The Common Cold | Just a spoonful can sooth a pesky cough – simply add to a cup of hot tea and lemon for immediate relief. The heat and acidic nature of the combination will clear phlegm from your throat, sooth the pain, and fight off bacteria.

Nature’s Cure-All | Honey is rumored to help heal infected wounds, cure hangovers, soothe sore throats, cure nasal congestion, is used in asthma medications, fights migraines, and combat sleeplessness. What more could a person need?

Nourish | Honey is also rich in calcium – perfect for supplementing our diets, especially the diets of young children who are still growing and developing.

Antiseptic | Instead of using antibiotic ointment next time you suffer from a scrape or cut, simply apply a drop of honey to the bandage. The antibacterial and anti fungal properties of honey will keep the cut sanitary and will cleanse the area as the plasma from your body reacts with the honey and creates a form of hydrogen provide.

Cleanse Your Body From Parasites | 1/4 of a cup of crushed papaya seeds mixed with 3 tablespoons of honey, paired with prunes or castor oil is known to clear up a parasite if taken twice daily.



Permaculture News


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