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12 Transportation and Logistics Game Changers for 2013


Trucking and Transportation News WorldwideTrucking industry analyst group Stifel Nicolous released their thoughts on the direction the Trucking and Transportation Industries will push, based on 12 so-called “Game Changers.” Some of the developments won’t surprise many who have been in the trucking industry, some seem the stuff of science fiction.

From the introduction of the study –

It is once again time for our annual list of transportation and logistics game changers. We’ll stick to industrial trends as well as transportation and logistics game changers this year, while dodging around any soothsaying regarding politics or the macro-economy—this approach is adopted in the interest of keeping our blood pressure down at healthy levels.

The 12 trends discussed below will have varying degrees of impact on our space in 2013. Some will have an immediate effect, while others will be bigger drivers in years to come. In any event, here is our list and our thoughts regarding which stocks within our coverage list are best positioned to
leverage these trends over the coming years:

  1. Nearshoring to Mexico gains momentum.
  2. In-sourcing to be driven by new wave robotics and labor saving technology.
  3. FMCSA regulations and changing labor demographics tighten transportation industry supply and demand.
  4. Dedicated fleet and private fleet options gain market share as shippers look to lock in base load capacity.
  5. Intermodal continues to gain share in the Eastern half of the U.S.
  6. Panama Canal widening stays on track.
  7. E-commerce service standards continue to evolve and amaze.
  8. Energy exploration drives economic expansion in states allowing hydraulic fracturing.
  9. Energy self-sufficiency lowers manufacturing costs in the U.S., thereby enhancing our global competitiveness.
  10. Fuel for trucking begins shift from diesel to natural gas.
  11. Continuous supply chain optimization adopted by winning shippers.
  12. 3-D printing further develops.

Read the full report on 12 Transportation & Logistics Game Changers for 2013 and Beyond here.


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