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17-Year Summer Cicada Swarms Expected


For those with routes on the east coast – this summer could be a nightmare. According to scientists, we’re in for a summer cicada invasion like we’ve never seen before.

It’s been 17 years since the last infestation, and in New Jersey – one of the largest hatches ever is beginning to emerge. As soon as the soil reaches a consistent 64°F eight inches below the soil all along the east coast, the nymphs will come out to play. Eight weeks from the time the nymphs have emerged, they will be mature adults – and their roaring mating call will be heard from Georgia to Connecticut.

The population of the cicada invasion is estimated to outnumber people 600-to-1, and possibly more. An estimated 30 million will make a 4-6 week long migration to reproduce – and you’d better believe that you’ll hear the mating call. Researcher Gary Hevel, of the Smithsonian Institute is predicting an even larger swarm – and estimates that we’ll be seeing cicadas in the trillions – in which case, we’ll be outnumbered 20,000-to-1. Um, what?

[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbClYvNGfH0″]

Needless to say, airborne swarms like this could cause extremely dangerous driving conditions.


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