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4 Hidden Health Risks


shutterstock_21503698Have you ever heard of these 4 hidden health risks? Learn more about the dangers of contacts, Tylenol, microwave popcorn, and public restrooms here.

Taking Tylenol and caffeine together can be a serious health risk. According to a study, in high doses this combination can actually lead to liver damage. When Tylenol and caffeine are ingested together they create an enzyme which is toxic to the liver. However, these are relatively high doses we’re talking about – there has to be an excessive amount of caffeine consumed to trigger the production of the harmful enzyme. – Add alcohol to the mix, and you’ve got a seriously dangerous combination when it comes to the functionality and longevity of your liver. Protect yourself by switching to ibuprofen or cut down on your daily caffeine intake.

Sleeping with your contacts in may seem like a timesaver, but it could actually be very bad for your eyes. Leaving your contacts in at night could cause you to suffer from blindness, or could lead to an infection ranging in severity from pink eye to blindness. Symptoms of infection include pain, blurred vision, swelling, sensitivity to light, the sensation of something being in the eye, or difficulty opening the eye. Starting in 2007, there was a major increase in Acanthamoebakeratitis – which is a rare corneal infection found in soft contact wearers. This infection is fungal, and has been known to cause blindness. Protect yourself by practicing good hygiene, replacing your lenses when needed, and always remembering to take them out at night.

Popcorn lung, an irreversible condition which most often effects workers who breathe in Diacetyl (the vapor from butter flavoring). It can be easily misdiagnosed as bronchitis, emphysema, or asthma, and the symptoms include: the hardening of lung tissue, shortness of breath, dry cough, weight loss, fever, night sweats, and peeling skin. Protect yourself by purchasing microwave popcorn that does not contain butter, and avoiding the inhalation of the popcorn’s odor.

Public restrooms are unsanitary, health danger zones. Surprisingly, the toilet seats aren’t the most bacterially infested places. Everywhere your hands go (doorknobs, handles, locks, dispensers) are the seriously disgusting areas, and what’s worse – we’re very likely to touch our faces, scratch our noses, rub our eyes, and check our teeth in front of bathroom mirrors – increasing the chances of contracting illnesses and spreading bacteria. Protect yourself by frequently washing your hands, and being mindful about where your hands have been before you make any contact with your eyes, nose, and mouth.


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