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5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your CDLWives



As you may or may not have already realized, Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away – so it’s probably about time for you to put a plan together. That is – unless you’d rather wait until the day before to make a panicked last-minute decision. Chances are, you’re not going to be home to take your Valentine out on a date – so here are a few ideas to help you make her feel special in you absence.

Traditional Valentine’s Day Ideas:

Flowers & Chocolates – When it comes to Valentine’s Day, flowers and chocolates go hand-in-hand. The ladies love them, if you get home fast enough – maybe she’ll share some candy with you. Often times, the most quality and cost-efficient way to go is through your local florist. If you don’t know who your local florist is, you can order through FTD.com – and they’ll help you to find the florist nearest your home or significant other’s workplace. The best part is, you can shop by price – there’s even a “Deals Under $35” tab! – Don’t forget to write a personal message for the gift tag!

Cards with Handwritten Sentiments – You really can’t go wrong here. A simple card, with a heartfelt handwritten message inside, undoubtedly has the potential to be the one of the best Valentine gifts a person could ever receive. Sometimes we don’t do a great job of conveying our love or feelings to someone, and writing in can be a heck of a lot easier than saying it for most!

Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day Ideas:

That Item She Wants But Doesn’t Need – Let’s face it, if you missed it at Christmas – you probably already know by now, so there’s no excuses. Has she been eyeballing a fancy coffee maker, a pair of shoes that she doesn’t really need, or a specific handbag? – Now’s the time, you’ve got the internet, have it gift wrapped and delivered!

Order Her Dinner &  A Movie – Nobody wants to go out alone on Valentine’s day, and she’s probably not feeling like making anything. This is the perfect opportunity to order her a pizza by surprise, tell the delivery guy to give her a Valentine’s Day message, or get really cheesy and ask the person you’re ordering from to arrange the pepperoni in a heart shape. You can even sweeten the deal by ordering her a Netflix movie to the house that she’s been wanting to see (and maybe that you never want to see – if you’re trying to get strategic)!

Distance Dinner Date – It’s easier than you think! Order her a pizza, and have a dinner Skype date when you’ve parked for the night and rounded up some supper. Spending that time together face-to-face, and acknowledging your love for one another means a lot, even if it’s from a distance!


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