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6 States With Pet Restraint Laws For Motorists


shutterstock_59739950Everyone knows that if you don’t have your pets on leashes at truck stops and rest areas, that it’s only a matter of time before even the best trained animal gets spooked, or worse – decides that a nice run in the opposite direction would be a fun game to play. – But are you up to date on the state pet restraint laws for inside the truck? Learn more here:

Everyone knows that pets can be a distracting copilots, and how could they not be? – They’re too lovable! Most will also agree that quick snuggle with a favorite furry friend isn’t worth

putting the safety of others, yourself, and your pet at risk.

Not surprisingly, 31% of people who drive with pets admit that their animal is a distraction. Not only that – but in the event of an accident pets can become a projectile which puts both them and the driver in danger. A few states have even passed legislation that requires animals to be restrained while in a moving vehicle. Here’s the scoop:

shutterstock_91414511In New Jersey, according to the state law drivers can be stopped if law enforcement believes that an animal is being improperly transported. The law forbids dogs from hanging out of windows (and also riding in the beds of pickup trucks). Motorists are required to properly restrain their pets, which in the state of New Jersey means that they need to be buckled up with restraints specifically designed for pets, or safely stowed in a pet crate. Fines can range from $250 – $1,000 and drivers could potentially face charges under animal cruelty laws.

Law enforcement officers in Arizona, Connecticut, & Maine can charge motorists with offenses relating to distracted-driving if they are observed driving with their pets in their laps.


shutterstock_124905647Rhode Island there is a proposed legislation for having a pet riding in the lap of a driver and obstructing their view to be a distracted-driving violation. However, the complaint must be filed by a witness who specifically reports the violation.

Hawaii forbids drivers from allowing pets to sit in their laps.

Although the crack-down may seem harsh and even a little trivial, the purpose of these changes in legislation are for the safety of everyone out on the road – and for the pets too!


Drive smart and safely out there, and give your canine and feline copilots an extra belly scratch from us!


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