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7 Protein-Rich Snacks For The Road


shutterstock_120465325Nourishing the body while out on the road isn’t always easy. Healthy foods are rarely accessible, and when it comes to grabbing a bite in the middle of the day – drivers often have to settle for a truck stop snack. Check out this list of high-protein portable snacks!

Beef Jerky makes for a filling, tasty, and quick snack. Look for low-sodium brands, and be mindful of the sugar content. Jerky is an excellent source of protein!

Hard-Boiled Eggs are incredibly inexpensive, and they’re loaded with protein. Hard boil and pre-peel some eggs at home, bag them up, and store them in your refrigerator out on the road! Delicious, simple snack!

Pumpkin Seeds are an EXCELLENT snack. Check out our Roasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe!

Cottage-Fruit mix one part cottage cheese with chopped melon, bananas, or berries! This can be easily stored in a small refrigerator!

Trail Mix nuts are an excellent source of protein – and trail mix is super portable. The best part is that trail mix can be found almost anywhere! Dried fruit adds sweetness – almonds and pistachios are the highest in protein. Check out our trail mix recipe!

Protein Bars are obviously an excellent source of protein. Look for bars that don’t have extra sugar, calories, or fat.

Deli Rollup stack a slice of deli meat onto a slice of cheese, roll it up – and enjoy your snack! Cheap, easy, delicious!


Check out Greatist for 24 more portable protein suggestions!


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