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Beer Distributor No Longer Shipping To Whiteclay, Neb.


shutterstock_73996990See: Protestors Threaten Truck Driver in Whiteclay, Nebraska

Things have escalated in Whiteclay, Nebraska. This May, more than a dozen protestors vandalized multiple beer trucks, slashing tires, smashing windows, breaking headlights, stomping cans, and even going as far as to flash a knife at the driver. These activists were protesting the alcohol stores which are located near the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Although the Nebraska State Patrol had been supervising the beer truck deliveries due to the protests, activists were effectively dodging arrest by relocating into the reservation – outside of the State Patrol’s jurisdiction.

Currently, a Scottsbluff distributor has decided to limit the beer deliveries to Whiteclay – strictly out of concern for the safety of their drivers. The closest Jeff Scheinost, owner or High Planes Budweiser, has decided to deliver is Rushville – 20 miles to the South of Whiteclay. This decision was made due to the violent acts of protestors. On Monday, an activist shot pellets at one of the beer delivery trucks.

High Planes Budweiser has left is up to retailers to pick up their beer, and haul it back to Whiteclay themselves. – It is not yet known whether or not other beer distribution companies will take the same action.


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