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Bring Back the Brotherhood


Stand for all or stand alone.

By: Kari Fisher

Remember a time when drivers and driving groups all worked together for the greater good of the industry?  Remember when drivers used to radio other drivers who were on the side of the road to ask if they needed help, or if they were okay? Remember when drivers and others in trucking stood together, looked after one another and worked together?

For the most part, those days are gone, but we can get them back!

There are so many great organizations and social media outlets for truckers and many use the sites to bash and bully one another.  Why can’t we all get along? This in-fighting and we are better than they are has got to stop because in the end, we all look like idiots.

Hate, anger and jealousy are like a cancer. They eat at your happiness and peace.

It’s not hard to be kind! Try it.  Say something encouraging to another driver, another trucking group.  Develop partnerships, friendships.  I promise, you’ll be much happier!

There are many issues facing the industry, but if we work together we can accomplish so much more! 

Let’s bring back the brotherhood!



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