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Calories Hiding In The ‘No Zone’


shutterstock_120162430It’s not at all uncommon for us to underestimate the number of calories in our food. In fact, we typically do so by a whopping 175 calories according to a study in the British Medical Journal.

– That’s not even the worst of it. According to the same researchers, this underestimation is even worse when it comes to fast-food. 25% of individuals ordering meals at fast-food restaurants underestimated by at least 500 calories.

Due to the complex nature of the make-up of fast food, sometimes we don’t realize the fact that the ingredients such food items contain are absolutely packed with calories. It’s also hard for us to tell due to the fact that Nutrition Facts and ingredient lists aren’t necessarily accessible unless they’re specifically requested or located online. – Even if that information were readily available, studies show that only 5% of consumers consider that information when placing an order.

One simple solution would be to utilize a mobile phone application such as, ‘Eat This Not That’ available on both iTunes and Android¬†for $4.99. This app includes calorie information for 1,300 menu items and 10,000 groceries. It can also calculate burned calories based on the user’s exercise information input. It can also suggest food swaps and track progress!

We’ve also looked into the Nutrition Facts information at multiple restaurants. Check out this list of Fattiest Truck Stop Foods for a quick reference!


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