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Carrier Calls To Report Stolen Trailers, Gets Hung Up On


Canadian CarrierAccording to a recent press release by the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association, over the weekend, a New Brunswick, Canada carrier called local authorities to report missing trailers, but the carrier didn’t receive any help.  Instead, authorities responded with, “Aren’t you insured?”

Adding insult to injury, on the second call to the authorities, the carrier was told nothing could be done.  They were then hung up on.

“What is disturbing about the whole situation is that the authorities have completely turned a blind eye on these latest thefts”, said Jean Marc Pichard, APTA executive director.

“To get such a response from our authorities is a concern; thieves are getting away with freight over $300,000 in value,” the press release stated.

APTA pointed out these incidents not only affect trucking companies, they also affect shippers and the economy.

Five billion dollars worth of cargo is stolen each year in Canada.

The empty trailers were later recovered in Quebec.

“The authorities always tell us to report stolen loads immediately and to get the word out as fast as possible but in this case the response was unacceptable! The company victimized went a different direction; they hired a Private Investigator to help relocate their freight,” the press release states.

Picard also added “this is a huge concern for the industry; we should be working in partnership with the local authorities”.


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