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Truck Driver Assaulted At Colorado Love’s


Video description written by: truckercamera

I was assaulted at the [Pueblo, Colorado] Love’s truck stop. A driver who blocked me for 20 minutes with about 10 visible in the drivers seat did this. I did hit my horn because there was a line of trucks waiting to fuel and I needed to make some miles before my log ran out. He came to my truck I now see with a visible weapon. I did not at the time see a weapon. When I pointed to the Camera and looked towards my truck he cold cocked me.

He was vulgar and abusive and according to the police report he admitted coming to me truck and saying”Chill the f— out”. The audio hears him saying “What the f— is your problem”. A saying used prior to you starting an assault in parts of New York City I have been told now. To the saying I have dash cameras he replies “Go F— Yourself”. As you hear on the posted video. He followed with visibly flipping me off. These are signs of provocateur not self defense as he claims. He also said in the police report that I was hitting him. He told me “You will not make it to your truck alive” and reached for something on the door. At which point I opened the door to see what it was. That’s when he backed me away with physical aggression. Then I was in an obvious non threatening posture when he hit me while I was looking another way. He then can be seen talking with his friends who told police I was punching him after I violently pulled him from his truck. Do you see me violently pulling him by the shirt and punching him??? NO

This is a very violent man who concocted a story I pulled him violently from his truck and hit him and it was self defense. The police decided 3 to 1 and it was self defense. Now they have the dash video and it will go to detectives to make a final decision about what really happened.

I was threatened that I would be killed before I reached my truck and that made me tell him he was under citizens arrest which I remembered the next day. I was unconscious for about 10 minutes as video shows.

He was going to leave it seems (Opinion) by the video so then when an innocent found me he tells his story and gets people to help him. At least one person looked at my truck and saw the cameras (I think they saw them or didn’t realize what they look like).

Pueblo PD were told of the cameras but did not take the easy evidence. I personally feel that the police should have taken it at the time but I guess it is more unusual for there to be evidence like this and policies need be updated.

The way the Mr. Dunn approached says he should not be driving a CMV. He is way too dangerous if the rest of his life is like this video.

Now some background on me. I am wearing a knee brace due to a very old back injury that is now causing me to use a cane. In 1994 I was assaulted and declared doa but did revive. The head injury, he stood a 70% chance of killing me using the flashlight in his hand like brass knuckles. The weapon you saw as he walked to my truck was in his hand and it should be considered attempted murder in my opinion. At a minimum assault with deadly weapon due to he used a fist enhancing device that I am sure he was hiding afterwards. The video proves his intentions prior to my exiting my vehicle to talk photo of his trucks license plate.


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