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Truck Stop Towns To Avoid


Have you ever wished that there was a master list of truck stop showers to avoid? Well, your wish is our command! Take a look at this list of less-than-satisfactory truck stop shower locations have been poorly reviewed in a forum by drivers around the country.

Please note that this list of poorly reviewed truck stops does not reflect the views of CDLLife. We would also like to point out that there are a multitude of factors that can contribute to a negative truck stop experience. These factors range everywhere from truck stop staff and management to time of day and the customers that utilized the facilities first.

Let us know where you’ve had good and bad experiences, or if you’re aware that one of the listed truck stops has had a remodel or a positive change in staff and management!


Montgomery, AL

Tuscaloosa, AL

“Montgomery AL. Now that’s a dive.Just nothing good to say about it at all…” – Soju

“Worst shower stall: Tuscaloosa,Al – found a dead beef tape worm someone crapped on the shower stall floor… Ewwhh.” – FutureICETrucker


Fountain, CO

“I think Fountain Colorado is a crappy place.” – Lisa*


Colton, CA

Fresno, CA

Oakland, CA

Rialto, CA

Sacramento, CA

“Worst I’ve seen was at the old truckstop in Rialto, CA.” – kc0rey

“The ABSOLUTE worst shower is in Sacramento, CA.” – Skogie


Miami, FL

Ocala, FL

“Worst shower, hands down, without a doubt…. near Miami Florida.” – woofless


Bloomington, IL

“Worst showers? I would say in Bloomington, Illinois. They’re still the same small showers left over from when it was a Union 76.” – LooneyTune


Gary, IN

“Worst stop ever was in Gary IN.” – trapsh00ter25


Baltimore, MD

Elkton, MY

“My worst has got to be the… I95 Exit 57.” – SouthsideTRKman


Meridian, MS

“Meridian, Mississippi. The AC was on full blast and it felt like about 30 degrees in the showers and it stank like a porta-let. The knobs on the shower were broken so there were 2 choices, ice and boil.” – red threat


Joplin, MO

Marston, MO

Peculiar, MO

“We stopped at in Peculiar, MO… Even the air outdoors smelled like a sewer plant. The room was so small that hubby and I couldn’t be in there together. And with the A/C running, the shower curtain just glued to your body while showering.” – bullhaulerswife


Billings, MT

“Billings, MT… I’ve had cleaner showers in the field in the military.” – Palazon


Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

“Worst shower I ever had was in Las Vegas, NV. Team partner and I had stopped to wash the desert grunge off us, her shower worked fine, but mine was filthy.” – qcommkiller

“Worst I’ve found yet was in Las Vegas. Still looks like the 76 with some fresh paint and a new sign. But it still is a dump!” – soju

New Jersey

New Jersey Turnpike

Sayreville, NJ

“Worst shower I had was the dump off (exit 7, I think). Whatta dump, literally…” – wallbanger 

“Two words guaranteed to make any Covenant driver shiver with disgust? Sayreville, New Jersey.” – woofless 

New Mexico

Santa Rosa, NM

“Those dumps can’t get any worse,they can only go up. The worst I’ve ever showered in is in Santa Rosa,NM. Those dumps can’t get any worse,they can only go up. The worst I’ve ever showered in is in Santa Rosa, NM.” – Joew900

New York

Albany, NY

Binghamton, NY

Coxsackie, NY

“Without a doubt in Albany New York food used to be good but the showers i wouldnt let my dog take one in them.” – ShangHai’d

“In Binghampton, NY is the worst I’ve ever went in to. Had a old mudflap as a shower mat in the shower stall.” – CrimsonTide6216

“So then there’s the  just off the Thruway. I don’t think the showers had been cleaned since they were built. You’ve never seen a more brilliant display of mold colors!” – Speedloader

North Dakota

Bowman, ND

“Everything was crappy, especially the cold/warm slimy water shower.” – PilotGirl


Napoleon, OH

Seville, OH

“The nastiest I’ve yet to see beyond the typical mold and mildew problem was at the Napoleon, OH bypass. This shower had nice lil black curly hairs on the floor and even the lower half of the walls.” – Scarecrow03

“Jeffersonville, oh BAD showers – I usually like showers” – honor roll


Ardmore, OK

“Ardmore, OK was pretty bad when I stopped by there last week.” – candab


Allentown, PA

Breezewood, PA

“It’s got to be the TREXLERTOWN TRUCK STOP north of ALLENTOWN,PA!!!
I stepped in there once out of desparation and thought somethng was gunna crawl up out of the floor sewer and bite me.” – IAMGREAT

“Nastiest one to date was in Breezewood, PA. Smelled like someone died in the one I was in.” – cheeseburger


Cookeville, TN

Knoxville, TN

“I have to say the travel center of Knoxville TN was the worst showers I have yet.” – mikersv1

“Crappy showers. Tiny, dirty, run down.” – RobC


Dalhart, TX

Ennis, TX

Longview, TX

Pecos, TX

“The worst place I’ve ever tried to shower was in Ennis, TX. It had just rained when I got there, the lot was mud. The restroom was also the showers, certain stalls had a shower in them. The floor was covered with bugs” – striker


Pasco, WA

“At Pasco Washington, two very small shower rooms, hardly enough room for one person, old worn towels…” – Peanut Butter


Check out the Worst Showers thread on The Truckers Report forum for all the gory details!


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