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Checklist: Staying Energized on the Road


Originally Posted at Team Run Smart
Originally posted at Team Run Smart

This week Kaitlin Cathey at Team Run Smart went over some simple, but important factors that contribute to road fatigue.

They may seem like common sense “big duh” factors to long working over-the-road truckers, but to some new drivers, it might be a wake up call for some real safety measures that need to be put in place for a long, healthy truck driving career.


What are some of the primary factors to deter truck drivers from staying energized on the road?

  • general tiredness
  • sleepines
  • falling asleep against your will
  • irritability
  • depression
  • giddiness
  • loss of appetite
  • digestive problems
  • increased susceptibility to illness

Avoid excessive intake of caffeine – Drink water instead of coffee.
Keep a healthy diet – protein every day is important for keeping your energy up.

exercise regularly –  Taking a 20-minute walk or jog a couple times a week can increase your overall energy levels

avoid alcohol, nicotine and antihistamines – These are all primary contributors to exhaustion.

keep a list of sleep loss indicators – Book work can be a primary detractor from good health, and you can avoid this.

consult your doctor – Check with your doctor to make sure you don’t suffer from sleep apnea or other contributing factors.

Read more of Caitlin Kathey’s informative article about how truck drivers can stay more alert on the road at Team Run Smart.


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