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Crossing Paths



By C.L. Miller

It always amazes me how often we cross paths with Drivers whom we met in some other location.

We occupy a huge chunk of land in this country, and yet we walked into a restaurant in California and sat down next to a Team we met, also in a restaurant, at a truck stop in Georgia.

It would be almost explainable if either of us was on a dedicated route, but since neither is, it seems downright impossible. And yet, it happens all the time.

Several years ago we made the acquaintance of Cory, a Driver from Manitoba, Canada. We met at the Iowa 95 Truck Stop in Kenly, North Carolina. We exchanged information for text messages and Facebook. A few months later we were eating lunch at the Jack-in-the-Box near the Flying J in Barstow, California. We got a text from Cory, wondering where we were. Turned out he was having his truck washed at the T/A on the other side of the freeway.

And then there is the friends-of-friends connection. We met Dawn and Kevin at a Shipper in Memphis. A year later, almost to the day, we met their friends, Judy and Jim, at the Petro in Glendale, Kentucky. Our circle expanded.

The list goes on and on. Even though we have a few areas we hit on a regular basis, it seems statistically impossible that another Driver is on the same path, much less eating a meal at the same time.

Truthfully, I like it. That huge chunk of land we all share is plenty big enough for us to lose track of each other. It’s comforting to know those Drivers with whom I have had even a brief conversation are still out there, safe and sound. If I could, I’d have every one of you as my Facebook Friend. No matter how long we spoke, I want you to know I am wishing you safe travels until we meet again.

And a special note to AJ. We used to see you almost every time we were in North Carolina, but lately we haven’t been out there much. You may remember me from our long chat about the joys of popcorn. Be safe!


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