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VIDEO: Custom Peterbilt Trike


This video clip is from the hit TV series Monster Garage on the Discovery Channel. We also hear this brutally powerful custom trike is for sale in Scotsdale, Arizona if you have around $23,000 to spare.

What is it?

It’s a creation by master motor creator Jesse James. There was quite a challenge in transforming a semi truck, of all things, into a diesel-fueled 3-wheeled trike. Team member and co-owner of Blastolene Brothers in Santa Cruz said the toughest obstacle in this build was the front end.

“The steering and mounting of the front wheel. There were a lot of design changes and a lot of thoughts about the design. A lot of mental effort was expended on that front end. And the final solution was great because it really utilized the truck parts, including a piece of the front axle and the steering box.”

The team also had problems adjusting to changes in the design. It went from being a 2-wheeled chopper to a three-wheeled trike. The axle of the semi soon became the front end of the trike.

“Failure is an impossibility to a Blastolene Brother. It was merely what design would be executed, that was the only challenge. We had three or four different options for the front end; we just had to choose one.”

This kind of determination on the team led them to victory on this build. In the end, Jesse and his team a tremendously loud trike, whose main body consisted of a 3,000-pound Peterbilt semi engine that will absolutely turn heads everywhere it goes.

Be prepared.



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