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Delicious Custom Freightliner Hauls Your Hunger Away


Custom Freightliner Truck Pizza California

Food trucks are now a certified cultural phenomenon. Once the utilitarian solution for factory and field workers who had little time to get away from their jobs to eat lunch at a table, the food truck industry is now the haven for crafty culinary connoisseurs. The food is quality, carefully prepared, and even the trucks are constructed to be as unique as any custom show stopper.

Del Popolo Pizza Truck Freightliner

Enter the fantastic Freightliner created for Del Popolo Pizza in California. It is a true Italian pizza kitchen on the go, created out of a Freightliner M2 day cab, a short shipping container and a real brick fired pizza oven. The owner, John Darsky came up with the custom cab concept out of necessity. If he wanted to create the perfect pizza, he needed a real wood fire brick oven. That means your normal, re-purposed package truck would buckle trying to tow the necessary load for the business day. Only a Freightliner with high pulling power could move the 5,000 pound pizza oven, the generator and metal prep tables and refrigerators, along with the 300 pounds of lumber needed to keep a massive oven fire going for a full days work.

So that’s what John did.

Custom Trucks Freightliner California

The result is a one of a kind food truck and a very tasty pizza at a reasonable price. The only problem is, Del Popolo might not be where you are when your hunger hits. The location schedule for the famous food Freightliner changes at a moments notice, so if you want to get a piece of the pie, you should double check the website first to make sure.

Custom Pizza Truck Del Popolo



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