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Driver Claims He Was Beaten, Arrested After Helping Injured Motorist


Driver Suing For BeatingOn June 12, 2012, truck driver Adrian Boyso stopped his truck on Highway 12, just west of Interstate 5, when he saw a car with its lights on at the bottom of an embankment.

He and another passerby approached the car and found an elderly woman inside who was shaken and disoriented.

“The woman was upset, confused and shaking at this point and needed assistance to stand,” court records state.

Boyso and the passerby helped the elderly woman out of her car and back up the embankment.  Boyso radioed his carrier, Cherokee Freightlines, and asked them to contact 911.

San Joaquin County deputy Vance Parren was the first to arrive on the scene.  Boyso says he told the deputy he would retrieve the woman’s identification for her car, because he didn’t believe the woman could walk on her own.  Instead, Parren ordered Boyso and the passerby to leave the scene.

Boyso says the officer declined to identify himself, so he took a picture of the officer’s license plate with his cell phone, the Record Net reported.  The situation escalated when Parren asked Boyso a few times what he was doing and Boyso wouldn’t respond.

“Parren grabbed [Boyso] and holding his left arm behind his back, slammed [Boyso’s] head onto the hood of the sheriff’s car, breaking his glasses,” the complaint says. “[Parren] then continued to slam [Boyso’s] head into the truck of the sheriff’s car several times.”

Other authorities arrived at the scene and Boyso was arrested and taken to the San Joaquin County Jail.  He was booked and subsequently released.

The Record Net reports the witness who helped Boyso rescue the woman called Cherokee Freight Lines to notify the carrier that the driver had been beaten by a deputy.

Boyso sustained injuries to his face and damage to his hearing and spine. He is suing the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office for assault, battery and false arrest.

Source: Record Net 



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