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Driver Contacts Local Congressman About HOS Bill Reversal, Gains Traction


Many CDLLife readers have expressed a sincere dissatisfaction with the recent HOS changes, but reader Tom Pettit took it a step further after reading a CDLLife article: Bill Would Turn Back Clock On HOS Provision earlier this month about a new bill that could reverse the 34-hour restart provision.

– He wrote an letter to his congressman, and it’s gotten some traction!

Tom said, “I wrote the email and called the same day you published your article detailing the reps proposing it and the official bill number.” He wrote down that bill number, the number specifics, and noted the names of the representatives who had presented the new bill to turn back the clock on the new HOS provision.

He was able to find his congressman’s contact information here: writerep.house.gov

Bill, H.R. 3413, entitled the “True Understanding of the Economy” and Safety Act or the “True Safety Act,” was written by New York Representative Richard Hanna, South Carolina Representative Tom Rice and Maine Representative Mike Michaud, would reverse the 34-hour restart provision.

“I called and respectfully voiced my opinion making sure that I detailed the bill name and number. I focused on the 34 hour restart because that impacts me the most. After the phone message, I emailed him. Once again clearly and respectfully stating how the rules need review and that the FMCSA should be accountable for doing the research they were supposed to do. I briefly detailed how it negatively impacts myself and my income. I finished with thanking him for his time and inviting him to contact me with any questions he may have. I kept it brief, polite, and focused on the message I needed to get across to him.” – Tom

Tom stressed that in his writing he felt that it was important to ASK for support instead of demanding it. He felt that the idea of suspending the new regulation speaks for itself, and that all it really needs is the be brought to the attention of our congressman.

“It may make them take a closer look where they may have not taken an interest in it otherwise…” – Tom

He was right! To his surprise, Tom actually received a phone call on Monday evening this week from New Jersey representative, Frank LoBiondo!

“We spoke briefly and I explained to him how illogical the new regulations are when applied to this industry and how important it is to at least get your 70 back if you are shut down for 34 regardless of what time it began. He agreed and told me he was cosponsoring it.” – Tom

Because Tom reached out, this bill was brought to the attention of his local congressman!

If you’d like to see this bill repealed, take 10 minutes of your time to write an email to your congressman – it could really pay off in the long run!

“I also discovered that he is a CDL holder and was heavily involved in the industry prior to his political career. We will never know who our allies are without at least requesting their support.” – Tom

– Great work, Tom!


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