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Driver Helps Reunite Lost Dog With Family After Fatal Crash


Hope ReturnsIn an instant, Cody Bostick lost nearly everything, but thanks to a truck driver and a group of others, Bostick was given something back.

On December 20, 2012, the Bosticks were traveling in a blizzard along Interstate 35, when their car was involved in a 25-car pileup.

Sadly, Bostick’s wife and unborn twins were killed in the crash, and the family’s dog Jackie was lost amid the chaos.

Now trying to pick up the pieces, Bostick and his young son wanted to find Jackie.  Bostick sent pictures to all nearby vets.

Just before Christmas, a truck driver was traveling 40 miles south of Interstate 35 when he noticed a small dog on the side of the highway and picked her up.

“She jumped in his truck with him and he took her on up to Minnesota,” Bostick told KHOU.

The truck driver handed off Jackie to his friend, so she could help search for Jackie’s owner.  The driver’s friend put ads on craigslist in hopes of finding Jackie’s family.

Many who knew the Bostick’s story were helping search for Jackie.

“She put Jackie on Craigslist kind of where they found her,” said Cody. “She said she had emails instantly; that’s the dog they’ve been looking for.”

Two long weeks later, Bostick received the call he had been waiting for– Jackie had been found.

“I thought there was a chance — just a shot in the dark that we’d be able to find her,” said Cody. “We got up there and he just held up his phone and said is that her? And I just broke down and said that’s her.”

It took 12 volunteers one month to help transport Jackie home from Minnesota to Texas.

“It’s just an amazing story of survival in that kind of weather that she’s never been out in and it gives me comfort that Colby is looking out for us. It’s a good feeling,” said Cody.

Bostick told KHOU that having Jackie home has provided some healing and given him hope.

“It’s a bad situation, but this brings a little bit of normalcy back to our lives,” said Cody.








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