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Driver Stories: Love Reunited


By: C.L. Miller

I heard an amazing reunion story. It was told to me by a driver, but I didn’t get the names of the people involved so I will call them ‘Joe’ and ‘Jane’.

They met in high school, and dated for the better part of four years. Their relationship was serious on an emotional level, but stayed innocent in every other way.

After high school, Joe joined the Army and spent the next decade overseas. He lost track of Jane.

Then he was severely injured and was sent to a hospital in Hawaii to recover. He was confined to a wheel chair, and both eyes had been burned so his head was covered in bandages.

He stayed at this hospital for several months, and got excellent care from a friendly female nurse. She would often push his wheelchair down to the beach so he could enjoy the sound of the waves.

One day, an actor stopped by during the filming of a long-running television series, and the nurse excitedly told Joe he’d just had his hand shaken by Tom Selleck.

As Joe’s injuries began to heal, plans were made to ship him back home.

Finally the bandages were removed and he was able to see the faces around him.

However, there had been some mild brain damage and his short-term memory was affected, so no one looked familiar. He was driven to the airport in an ambulance, accompanied by a Samoan orderly. As Joe boarded the plane, he had a sudden thought of Jane and her long-held desire to become a stewardess.

He then realized who the friendly nurse was. He stopped in his tracks and demanded to be returned to the hospital. The orderly was confused, and became concerned for Joe’s health. Joe explained he was fine, but he HAD to get back to Jane! The Samoan picked Joe up in his arms and carried him to the ambulance. He turned on the sirens and lights and they raced back to the hospital.

Whatever flash of memory that brought Joe around had apparently hit Jane as well. She ran out to meet him, crying because she thought he’d gotten on the plane and was lost to her forever.

The driver telling the story paused here, then grinned and continued, “That was over thirty years ago. We have eight children and four grandchildren. My high school sweetheart still runs out to meet me when I get home.”


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