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Driver Talks About ‘IRT’ Experience, Pay


In an interview with Peninsula Daily News, the newest Ice Road Trucker, Todd Dewey, shared his experience with the show, the job and the pay.

On the show, Dewey hauled heavy equipment from Manitoba to small villages in Northern Canada.

“It was nerve-racking,” Dewey told Peninsula Daily News. “It was quite the experience.”

Dewey told the publication that rookie Ice Road Truckers are paid $30,000 for two months of work, plus they receive pay from the show, as well– not bad for 2 months of work, right?

Dewey somewhat disagrees, “Sometimes,when things are happening, it doesn’t seem like enough,” he said.

During the two months of work, Dewey left behind his wife and 4 daughters.

Dewey is from Port Angeles, Washington and works as a logger.

The History Channel describes Dewey as a driver who, “brings his rebellious attitude with him on the road. He’s trading in his trucking job in Washington, which has provided the income needed to support his wife and four children, for the chance to make big money with Hugh’s new operation. He faces an incredible risk as he has never encountered anything like the winter roads before.”

This isn’t Dewey’s first experience with reality TV.  Dewey was a member of the Rygaard Logging crew.  You may remember that name if you were a fan of the History Channel’s show Ax Men.  Several Rygaard Logging employees were frequently featured on the show.

Dewey caught the attention of Ice Road Truckers producers when they were in Washington and discovered that Dewey was loading his own truck.

According to the Peninsula Daily News, producers asked Dewey for an interview. Dewey told them that if they wanted to talk, they had to hop in the truck and ride along.

Dewy said that ice road trucking can be as dangerous as it’s made out to be.  He told the publication about an incident when his filming chase crew met up with a truck on a blind curve– an emergency evacuation was necessary, he said. (Will this incident make it onto the show?)

To watch Dewey and all of the other Ice Road Truckers, tune into the History Channel on Sunday nights at 10/9c.

For more information about Dewey, follow this link to Peninsula Daily News.  


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