shutterstock_59103433Due to the upcoming changes in mandatory drug testing, we decided to take a closer look into the differences between hair testing and urine testing.

Urine Testing

Testing urine for drug use is a highly effective and accurate method to test for drug use within the past 5 days, which also provides the quickest results – often in less than one day. Urine can be tested for a alcohol, prescription drugs, and a number of common illegal drugs including THC/marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy. Here is a comprehensive list of drugs which urine can be tested for:

Urine tests can also be used to detect “flush-kits” in the event that the individual being tested may have made an attempt to beat the test.

Hair Follicle Testing

Hair samples can also be tested for drug use. A couple of strands delivers accurate results of drug use history over the course of the past 90 days in just a couple of business days (however, it does not detect drug use within the most recent 5 day window). Hair tests are not affected by “flush-kits” or other adulterants, can be used to detect the following substances.


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