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Editorial Thanks Anonymous ‘Heroic’ Truck Driver


Good Guy DriverIn a letter to the Statesman Journal in Salem, Oregon, a resident thanked a truck driver who (it appears) narrowly avoided a wreck.  It’s nice to see a member of the public publicly recognize a truck driver.

Here’s the letter: 

Thank you and kudos to the lumber truck driver (headed west off Highway 22 on June 25 about 2 p.m.) who did an absolutely fantastic job of avoiding the treated pole tractor trailer that pulled out in front of him or her at the Wallace Bridge intersection at highways 18 and 22.

I am amazed that there wasn’t an accident and believe the driver handled that fully loaded truck like a professional stunt driver. How he or she managed to keep it from flipping is beyond my comprehension.

The driver is an unsung hero, as the three cars there can attest.

Scott A. Morford


Great job, driver!


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